Agricultural Water

Aquatech Pro Specializes in:

Water Quality for the Agricultural and Poultry Industry. We offer consulting, water analysis and extensive line of equipment to diagnose and treat all problem water conditions, from Chlorination to Filtration………Let Aquatech Help You Finish on Top by Providing the Best Quality of Water Available!!!

Black or Dark Green Water Tanks

Our water tanks are manufactured using resins that meet FDA specifications to ensure safe storage of potable water. The black or green color limits light penetration, which reduces the growth of waterborne algae. These tanks are rated at 8 pounds per gallon, which means that they are for WATER STORAGE ONLY! They should not be used for chemicals, fertilizers or any other product. Where applicable, the tanks will carry the NSF approval.

    Save on water costs

Why Choose Agrachlor?


Aquatech subjects each and every vacuum regulator to an extensive testing procedure using the appropriate gas (Chlorine or Sulfur Dioxide) as it will be used in the field before any unit is shipped from the factory. When you connect a AgraChlor vacuum regulator to the gas cylinder and open the cylinder valve, you can be sure that an experienced factory technician has already tested the unit with gas before it was shipped.