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AGRACHLOR Series 600 Gas Chlorinators

Now Standard with remote meter panel  

Aqua Tech all vacuum gas feeders are manufactured to the highest quality industrial standards.  For over eleven years Aquatech has provided superior products for the water Treatment industry.  Aquatech’s manual and automatic feed control chlorinators play a vital role in chlorination for the poultry and agriculture industry.  No other sanitizing agent competes with chlorine in the safe production,  processing, transport and preparation of foods.  The simple, durable and economical design of Agra-Chlor Series 600 chlorinator makes it a favorite for agriculture application.  On the farm, chlorinated water is used for irrigation to lower the risk of contamination of crops and for disease prevention in the watering of livestock.  Chlorine sanitation and disinfection will continue to be a critical factor in food safety and livestock production all along the path leading from the farm to the fork.


Aquatech’s designs are engineered and materials are selected with heavy wall thickness for maximum chemical resistance and durability.  In addition, the Series 600 chlorinator provides multiple layers of filtration to prevent debris from entering the equipment and therefore minimizing venting.  Aquatech ejectors have enhanced hydraulic characteristics providing optimal feed with minimum hydraulic flow requirements at all feed rates.  Finally, skilled technicians assemble and test every chlorinator with chlorine gas before shipment to ensure the integrity and safe operation of each unit.


Aquatech makes every effort to maximize the convenience of our customers.  This includes both designing our equipment for ease of operation and offering the best customer support.

Ease of operation: Each Aquatech vacuum regulator is supply with a twisted cylinder wrench that allows comfortable operation of both the cylinder valve and the vacuum regulator yoke.

Fast service: Aquatech maintains a large inventory that allows us to ship spare parts, components and complete systems within 24 hours.  Most orders ship same day.                                                                                               

Applications                                     Detachable Remote


Poultry drinking water                  Post Harvest                                        

Egg Industry                                  Food Processing/Sanitation

Livestock Watering                     Dairy Germicidal/Deodorant              

Irrigation                                         Food Contamination

Vegetable Wash down        Whitening Agent (wash down)            *Allows for Convenient placement


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