The superior Sure Flow Peristaltic Metering Injectors. The A-100N Series. Are offered in three distinct models. Deluxe Standard and the Variable Speed Version. The deluxe A-100N features the pinpoint accuracy of digital output adjustment with bright LED read out. A built-in silent alarm alerts the operator when it’s time to change the pump tube. The standard A-100N is equipped with a Solid State output adjustment in one minute or five second cycles. The new variable speed version is capable of receiving 4-20mA, 0-10V/DC and pulsed signal inputs. These signal inputs are used to automatically adjust the output of the injector.
A-100N Series Injectors are able to output a maximum of 95 U.S. gallons per day. High output rate units have a 3/8” tube assembly constructed of top quality PVDF. The molded design of the tube assembly provides flow path indication and indexing and locks the adapter in place to prevent rotation.

Tube Failure Detection System

We are pleased to introduce the all new TFD System. The TFD system is breakthrough technology for Peristaltic Pumps. The TFD System will detect a wide range of chemicals (i.e. chlorine, acids, soaps, etc…). This unique technology was designed to disregard pump friendly fluids such as water and lubricants.
If a chemical is detected in the pump head, the pump will automatically shut off and energize a relay permitting communications with external equipment such as an alarm or SCADA system.

Features and Benefits

  • Self priming even against line pressure
  • De-gassing valve design eliminates gas or air accumulation in head
  • Precise output control by means of a digital touch pad with LED output
  • Units with variable speed motors are now available
  • Rugged housing of Valox thermoplastic
  • Advanced cooling, efficient, longer lasting
  • Silent alarm warms of pump tube failure
  • 200:1 output rate adjustment (on Deluxe Models)
  • All ball bearing motor for smooth, powerful operation


The high quality thoughtfully engineered STARIII combines superior Sure-Flow metering injectors with a sturdy polyethylene tank to provide a complete metering system.
The STARIII tank is available in three handy sizes: 7, 15, or 30 gallon capacity. Acovered opening at the top of the tank makes addition of a chemical quick and hassle-free. The opening may be left open, closed or vented. A special drip edge pour spout protects the injector from chemical spills. A support rim helps to ensure the metering injector is secure on the tank. The tank has extra heavy wall thickness for added strength and stability as well a a convenient square shape.

The STARIII can be ordered with the Sure Flow A-100N Series injector of your choice: standard, deluxe or variable speed versions.

A-1600 Efficient & Economic

The Sure Flow A-1600 is particularly well suited to OEM applications. It has a basic design that makes it economical and nearly maintenance free. The A-1600 has a practical pump tube design and changing the pump tube is only regular required maintenance. The standard Sure Flow A-1600 features the exclusive Sure Flow head and pump tube assemblies combined with the compact housing and low maintenance design.

The A-1600 has a fixed output rate with a number of RPM settings from which to choose. A variety of modifications are possible including a solid state controller.

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